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What is Footworks?

It is the only specialty shoe store south of Austin, Texas that offers a dynamic performance shoe fitting analysis. Our special equipment allows us to accurately assess each individual's biomechanics and gait patterns and provides our specialist insight on how your foot strikes the ground and it's effect on your body and joints.

We offer a complimentary detailed shoe fit analysis with a purchase of walking or running shoes. Our specialist will analyze the biomechanics of your gait through specialized equipment focusing on heel strike, mid-stance, and push-off portions of gait cycle. Both customer and specialist will review the step by step recording input and discuss which shoe will be best for reducing injuries and discomfort.

Our Mission

Whether you're an avid runner, a weekend warrior or just an average Joe looking for a comfortable shoe, we are your hometown shoe store. Carrying a variety of specialized shoe for YOU! A shoe fitting analysis performed by professionals will place you in a shoe that is right for your body, increasing comfort, improving biomechanics, and limiting risk injury, both chronic and acute.

Our knowledgeable staff members are trained professionals who shares a love of exercise and healthy living and are looking to help you live comfortable and run happy.

We do Injury Prevention Screening for:

Postural Assessment
Forward Head
Protracted Shoulder
Elevated Shoulder
Elevated Pelvis
Increased Kyphosis/Lordosis
Leg Length Discrepancy

Muscular Imbalance
Heel Raises
Single Leg Stance
Toe Touch
Single Leg Squats

Gait Analysis
Low/Fat Arch
High Arch